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Three Ways to Toast Dad - Atlanta Jewish Times

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Three Ways to Toast Dad - Atlanta Jewish Times

Robbie Medwed

Father’s Day is all about coming together and celebrating the man who taught you everything you know. Let’s hope that’s Dad, but if not, you can celebrate that guy, too. Some folks might like to say Dad’s old, but I prefer to say he’s “classic.”

To celebrate all things Dad, here are three cocktail recipes to drink in his honor. They’re all considered classics, just like Dad.

You’re welcome to drink these with him, but don’t be disappointed when he asks you to make him one of these and then leave him alone. Dads can be like that sometimes.

Or you can just drink one of these in Dad’s honor while you give him a call. He’ll appreciate the thought, and you’ll appreciate the nice, cold drink on a hot summer’s day.


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