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Giving Thanks for Cocktails and Mocktails - GrokNation

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Giving Thanks for Cocktails and Mocktails - GrokNation

Robbie Medwed

The difference between a good Thanksgiving and a great Thanksgiving lies in the details. Those details don’t have to be intricately-folded napkins or spices brought on horseback across the Silk Road in your mashed potatoes; rather, they’re the details that go into making sure every guest feels welcomed and valued, whether you’ve cooked everything yourself or you’ve got a feast filled with take-out.

One of my favorite ways to make sure no one feels left out is to ensure there’s no item on the table that everyone can’t enjoy, and the same is true for cocktails. With that in mind, here are some great drink recipes and their non-alcoholic equivalents to ensure everyone gets to enjoy something special this holiday.

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