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Perfect Punch for Your Chanukah Party - Jewish Food Experience

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Perfect Punch for Your Chanukah Party - Jewish Food Experience

Robbie Medwed

For me, the best part of Chanukah is always having a crowd of people around to celebrate. I come from a large family, and I love to invite all of my friends over to enjoy the holiday. I’m a bit of an overzealous planner; I always envision myself cooking at least three different kind of latkes, plus numerous dips, spreads and other from-scratch bites. There was also that year where I made fresh jelly doughnuts on the spot and to order. (The doughnuts were awesome. The cleanup and the oil smell that was stuck in my clothing and furniture? Not so much.)

No matter how grand my plans are, something always falls by the wayside as the party approaches. I can plan my schedule out to the minute, but I’ll always run out of steam for something as the party draws near. That’s why I love making this punch. Everything happens ahead of time, and there’s almost no way to screw it up. It can be made up to a full day in advance, and it’s almost entirely hands-off. You’re only limited by your creativity with the spices and herbs you choose to include. You can even leave them out entirely and just stick the tea, if you want!

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