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3 Ways to Dress Up Your Drinks for Purim - Atlanta Jewish Times

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3 Ways to Dress Up Your Drinks for Purim - Atlanta Jewish Times

Robbie Medwed

Purim is one of the few days in the year when Jews are not only allowed to let loose and enjoy the revelry of the day, but are actually commanded to. Our tradition teaches that it’s a mitzvah to find the joy in the absurd and to twist the twisted until it’s no longer recognizable as its original form.

We turn sad things into happy and happy things into, well, even happier things. And with the way this year has started, it’s even more important for us to be able to find joy in even the most challenging of moments.

The Purim story reminds us that even in our darkest, most terrifying moments, we can find the strength and resolve to take on the most daunting of challenges. In the story, Queen Esther gathers her strength and acts deliberately. She plots and schemes until the moment is right, and, because of her bravery, she saves our people from destruction.

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